• To promote Traditional Indian &International Accreditation for Health &Wellness, Body & Beauty Therapy
  • To be globally recognized as leading Health & Wellness, Body & Beauty Therapy Training School.
  • To introduce holistic and cultural intrigue of Ancient Indian, Asian & Western Spa Therapies to our students
  • To provide superior product, service and variety in all the courses.
  • To invest in top-quality school facilities, course materials, and trainer expertise, thereby ensuring our students receive the highest standard of excellence in education.
  • To enable Graduates explore the Wellness Industry as Professionals.

We Provide:

  • International, Professional, Aesthetic Education, Hair culture & Management.
  • Customized sessions with personal attention.
  • We follow & teach Health & Safety Standards.
  • Course work Instruction is conducted in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere.
  • Courses are available from Basic, Advanced & Management level.
  • We are dedicated to ensuring you master all skills required to be the most dynamic professional on entering the Wellness World.
  • Our Standards of Excellence & High profile are renowned throughout the Beauty Industry.
  • Our Students enter their exciting sector with knowledge, skills & confidence that they are the best of the best.
  • A position in the industry is guaranteed.

We Care are about you and offer corporate training sessions, seminars and coaching and more. For further information contact us.