Rules & Regulations at Kolors Wellness Academy

Rules & Regulations:
When students come to study at Academy, it is important that students are well informed, safe, and properly cared for, as Kolors providers have an important responsibility for student welfare. This information provides an overview of the "Rules & Regulations", and provides a procedure that students need to follow while learning at the Academy.
Learning Contract:
The student will:

  • Take responsibility for ensuring that they know and understand what is required for successful completion of the programme.
  • Respect the possible need for confidentiality regarding information gained in support of their studies
  • Keep the programme leader informed of any relevant problems while doing the programme
  • Take their own responsibility for their own learning and development.

The Teacher will:

  • Be aware of the particular nature of the programme which the student is following and communicate this information to the complete staff associated with learning of the student during work time
  • Responsible for the students and act as their mentors
  • Facilitate the use of a PC when necessary
  • Monitor the progress of the student throughout the programme
  • Organize the induction week liaising with other members of the programme team
  • Ensure that all aspects of the programme are delivered effectively and meet the expectations of the student.

Student Charter:
The student should / will:

  • Be required to maintain a Professional Attitude and conduct at all times
  • Not misuse Published Rules and Regulations that lead to disciplinary action and dismissal.
  • Not use Drugs / Alcohol or Tobacco in the Academy which will not be tolerated
  • Not to use Foul Language of any kind that will lead to disciplinary action and dismissal, with regards to the Tutor, fellow Student, member of Staff or Client that will lead to disciplinary action and dismissal.
  • Have appropriate Uniform and Grooming is essential for all students at all times, whether at the Academy or at associated Locations.
  • Need to Carefully dispose of litter in an environmentally friendly way

The students of the Academy should practice the following principles:

  • Treat one another with Politeness, Courtesy and Respect
  • Strive to become involved in every aspect of the institute's life
  • Always be Punctual
  • Remember to bring all your necessary equipment (where applicable), books etc. to the Lectures and Lessons
  • Complete all course work, and studies on time
  • Help keep our Academy environment clean and tidy so that it is a welcoming place of peace and beauty.
  • Think about your own safety and that of others at all times
  • Be responsible for / and aware of your own actions at all times

Equal Opportunities:
We are committed not to discriminate Admission in its courses and activities on the basis of Caste, Color, Religion, National Origin or Gender.
Applicants for School Admission are offered seats on the basis of their interest to learn or acquire more knowledge and are evaluated according to their performance.